Until further notice all appointments will be via phone or videoconference.

Naturopathic treatment plans that make sense,
feel good, and set you up to own your health.

Feeling lost, stuck, or overwhelmed by your health challenges?
Tell me your whole story, and together we’ll figure it out and turn it around.

Does it feel like your health doesn't belong to you?

  • bulletfootsymptoms out of control
  • bulletfoot2medicine you don’t understand or feel good about
  • bulletfootmaintaining it takes far too much willpower

I’d like to help you:

  • bulletfootlook better and feel better without strain,
  • bulletfoot2confidently choose between prescriptions, natural therapies, or a combination,
  • bulletfootfeel like your body is working like it’s supposed to.

Owning your health doesn’t mean that you’re alone. It means you’re in charge to choose the partners and supports that are right for you.

Here’s the plan I suggest to see if you’d like working together:

The new patient appointment is 60 minutes, I want time to listen to your whole story and have you leave with a treatment plan that you feel good about.

Want to work together but you’re not ready yet?

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